Some youtube video of me talking about Los Angeles

Here is some youtube video that was taken while I was crossing the Atlantic Ocean in March 2015. This is just some random conversations I was having while trying to learn more spanish and also while trying to teach the spanish crew some more english.  

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Tustin, CA the Orange County side

If you did not know Los Angles metropolitan area is made of two primary counties. One of the Counties is Orange County were Tustin borers the other county, Los Angeles County. Tustin is also right next to Disney Land, one of my favorite tourist attractions of Los Angeles. Los Angeles also has many service based industries but the one that stands out most to me is the textile industry of Los Angeles. So many famous clothing brands are located in this area. The branding for the clothing brand are all done by CBF Labels. Clothing Labels are one of the key growth factors that keep me not forgetting about LA even harder task to do. I have just started a twitter account and you can follow me at unforgettingla and if you would not mind we are also starting a hash tag contest on instagram. For every photo of LA that you take just #unforettingla for your chance to win our prize basket.

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The beginnings of my travel

All throughout college I did not want to travel. I just wanted to make money and  get luxury items. I was young back then (21) not like I am still in the eyes of many still not young. July 15, 1988 was when I was borned. I then first began to live the "Nomad" or "Gypsy" way of living but for me it was all about the excursions and life events brought back. [flickr_photostream user_id="132153150@N08"]

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